Sunday, June 12, 2005


Wallace of Big Gold Dog writes regarding my post yesterday:

Since I was mentioned in the referenced Chili article I'll have to comment. I had given my thoughts on a good recipe at a new Japanese Blog here

Texas chili is only one variety of the dish and Texas chili is as varied as the state's geography. I offered only what I like which tends to actually be more a New Mexico dish, with perhaps some Central American touches. The author is correct in part in that chili con carne is actually an American invention, but over the years, it is now fully accepted in Mexico, Northern states anyway.

Cumin "powder" is the only thing I would ever consider using. I had mentioned my prediliction for adding cinammon and black beans....both tending towards a southern Mexico or Central American and New Mexico influence. Beans, of any kind, in Texas chili are a heresy to most Texans. I put in black beans because I like them! The author mentions putting "chili packets". No self respecting Texan would ever use any kind of commercially made "packet" of ingredients. Fresh peppers.

The long and the short of good recipes be they Texas, New Mexico or god forbid California is that they should suit your taste buds! Frank X. Tolbert was a legend in Texas and generally considered the Father of Modern Chili cooking and founder of the Terlinqua Chili Cookoff. Here's his recipe