Sunday, November 09, 2014

A diet curry

Most people on a weight-loss diet are told to cut back heavily on consumption of fats.  So you can't fry your meat anymore and have to have it grilled.  That can get pretty boring.  So what about currying your meat to give it a bit more flavor? Sadly, most restaurant curries and curry sauces are a fat bomb.  Their high fat content means that you have to avoid them like the plague.  And curries are so fat dependent that taking the fat out leaves you with very little flavor.  So by trial and terror I have arrived at a recipe that will never be up to restaurant standard but which is recognizably a curry and is certainly more flavorful than plain food.

And the key to it is simple:  You have to use curry powder and you have to use a LOT of it.  My recipe is below.  The curry powder I use is "Clive of India" from my local supermarket but I am sure "Keens" and others are as good

2 breasts of skinless chicken, chopped up (about .6 of a kg)
50 grams of curry powder (about half of the container)
A small quantity of coriander
A heaped teaspoon of crushed garlic
1 chopped onion
A full can of canned tomatoes
Salt to taste


I just toss all the ingredients together into a small crockpot (slow cooker) with about half a tumbler of water,  mix it together with my hands and leave it on "High" for 3 hours.  It should boil gently after 2 hours, ensuring that any bacteria are dead. It is a very "safe" meal.


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